ALL 8 Epic Albums in their original audio format (48Khz/24 bit WAV). These are by far the largest audio files and the most complete in terms of sonic quality.

ALL EPIC DOWNLOAD 48Khz/24 bit Original Masters

  • Your files will be sent to you by direct download link as soon as the purchase has been made. Please allow some time to receive your files due to time differences around the world and because this is not an automatic download after purchase. Due to file size restrictions, I will be sending your files to you personally using "We Transfer". Your files will be in zip format. You may want to organize separate folders for each album before you unzip the files. Name each folder for the respective album. Then move the zip file into that folder and unzip it. Your files will appear. You may then discard the zip file but I strongly advise saving it just in case you accidently delete something. That way you will have a backup.