32 GIG mini USB drive comes pre-loaded with all 7 EPIC ALBUMS: EPIC MAYHEM, ANGEL WARRIOR, THE FATHERS, PROPHETIC VISIONS, BEAUTIFUL BATTLE, AMERICAN EPIC and WAR MOON in 48Khz/24 bit Original Masters audio format.

48Khz/24 bit Original Masters

  • Each USB drive comes pre-loaded with all 7 Epic albums organized in separate folders, each album with it's respective album title. The amount of remaining useable space on the drive will depend on your choice of audio format. If you choose the largest audio format (48Khz/24 bit Original Masters) for instance, you will still have close to 22 gig of useable space remaining on the drive. If you choose the MP3 version you will have almost 31 gig available! Plus, you can always drag the music to another place on your computer and have a very capable 32 gig drive to use for anything you like. In fact, we recommend that you at least copy all the music to another location in case you ever lose your drive.