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Credit card information or other data related to your credit, payment information or any other proprietary or personal information other than your name and/or email address is not stored on this site. It is processed and stored at PayPal or the relevant credit card company associated with your purchase. Even if you elect to check the "Remember this credit card" box during the checkout procedure, still has no way to obtain that information. Only PayPal or your credit card company has access to that data.

You can be assured that your payment information will not be compromised by the use of the check-out system used on this site because there is simply no way to obtain that information. If your card is stolen or hacked or in any way compromised by using our payment system you must contact PayPal or your credit card company immediately.

By using any of the features on this site, including the payment gateway and download function, you agree to hold harmless from any damages you may incur. You and your Credit Card company (including PayPal) are responsible for the security of your payment information. Be sure to change your passwords on a regular basis and never share your personal information with anyone you do not trust. is PCI compliant. For more information on PCI compliance and what it means please visit We do not track your purchase habits (as most large online retailers do). We are only interested in providing music lovers with a safe and convenient way to obtain the music contained on this site. Thanks for visiting  If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy please contact dwaynefordmusic.

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