Classic Rock Album "Needless Freaking" by Dwayne Ford

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"Another Way To Fly"

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Dwayne Ford - California based epic music composer/producer

I'm almost certain music has kept me young.

I'm 67 and I don't look a day over 70.

Powerplay Magazine
Rob Evans - AOR Underground Powerplay Magazine (issue 77)

Keeping it Westcoast for just a little bit longer as I tell you about the recent Japanese reissue of the classic Dwayne Ford album "Needless Freaking". The word "Classic" was made for this album. With a cast of musicians that includes David Foster, Steve Lukather, Jay Graydon, Mike and Jeff Porcaro and Mike Baird; a production that sounds like a million dollars (courtesy of Ford, Foster and Ken Friesen) and eight of the best songs to ever grace the Westcoast genre, this album should have made Dwayne Ford a household name, or at least on a par with the likes of Christopher Cross. Sadly it didn't. While the Inferior Cross went onto superstardom (thanks to the film "Arthur") Dwayne Ford languished in obscurity. Still, this album is a timely reminder of how talented a guy Ford is. Check out "Lovin' And Losin' You", "Am I Ever Gonna Find Your Love" or "There's A Life In Me" and tell me I'm wrong. I got my copy from Amazon - check 'em out.

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Another Way To Fly Album by Dwayne Ford

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